Square Dancing In New Mexico
"71 Will Be Fun"

Last Updated: 05/24/2017

Everything is here for a remarkable weekend of fun, fellowship and recreation.

Come dance with us and celebrate

"71 Will Be Fun".

Round Dancing
Phase II thru Phase VI

Round Dance Workshops


Bob and Sally began dancing in 1972 and teaching in 1975 in Michigan. They cue and teach all phases, conduct a round dance club and cue for a square dance club. They both cue and teach and had a Carousel Club in Austin, TX when they lived there.

They are members of ROUNDALAB - Members 40 years, Education Chaircouple 2005 ROUNDALAB Convention, Michigan Round Dance Teacher's Association, Texas Round Dance Teachers Association, New Mexico Round Dance Teachers Association - President and Vice President, New Mexico Round and Square Dance Association - Second Vice President of Rounds five years. They are also members of ICBDA, and presently Presidents of the Board of Directors. They attended the first URDC festival in Kansas City.

Over the past 41 years (began dancing in 1973), Bob and Sally have been the featured instructors at square and round dance festivals in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Illinois, Texas, California and New Mexico. They conducted a school for cuers in San Antonio with Don & Pete Hickman. Bob & Sally promoted and were the local staff for Round-A-Rama weekends in San Antonio, TX and Los Alamos, NM for five years. They attended the first URDC convention when it was held in Kansas City and taught at the URDC Convention in Grand Rapids, MI in the early 80's and at the San Antonio ICBDA convention in 2010. They also have written a number of dances, for example – It Sure Looks Good on You, Perfidia Bolero (ROQ 1st Runner Up), Just As Much, In the Still of the Night and Just Another Woman in Love III (ROQ 4th Qtr 2008), Smile FT (Phase IV 2nd Runner Up ROQ, 2010), Take My Breath Away Bolero (taught at San Antonio ICBDA Convention 2010), Mama Said, and Tango of the Roses (shown at ICBDA Convention in Lakeland, FL). In 2012, they wrote Concierto De Aranujez Bolero (Phase IV RAL ROQ 3rd Qtr 2012)

Bob and Sally served 6 years on the Board of Directors for Roundalab and two 6 year terms on Board of Directors for ICBDA, as well as VPs for 2 years followed by their first year as Presidents. Additionally, Bob is the chairman of marketing for ICBDA. They were also the 34th ICBDA Convention Chair-couple for the convention in Reno, Nevada in 2013 and vice chairs for the convention in Tulsa, OK in 2018. They are now the presidents of ICBDA until October 1, 2017, after being presidents of ICBDA for 4 years.